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Re: [patch] plugin directory / common location for plugins

On 14.04.2010 19:58, Steve Ellcey wrote:

2010-04-07 Matthias Klose<>

         * gcc.dg/plugindir1.c: New testcase.
         * gcc.dg/plugindir2.c: New testcase.
         * gcc.dg/plugindir3.c: New testcase.
         * gcc.dg/plugindir4.c: New testcase.


These tests are failing for me on a platform that does not support
plugins.  Since we support --disable-plugins as a configure option there
should be some way to not run these tests if plugins are not supported
(dg-require-plugins?).  Or perhaps they should be moved to the
gcc.dg/plugin directory as those tests already seem to get skipped when
plugins are not supported.

Moved the four tests to the plugin directory, and appended gcc.dg to plugin.dg (is this ok?).


PS: Left out the moved files in the diff.

2010-04-28  Matthias Klose  <>

	* gcc.dg/plugin/plugin.exp: Run the plugindir tests.
	* gcc.dg/plugindir1.c: Move to gcc.dg/plugin/plugindir1.c.
	* gcc.dg/plugindir2.c: Move to gcc.dg/plugin/plugindir2.c.
	* gcc.dg/plugindir3.c: Move to gcc.dg/plugin/plugindir3.c.
	* gcc.dg/plugindir4.c: Move to gcc.dg/plugin/plugindir4.c.

Index: gcc/testsuite/gcc.dg/plugin/plugin.exp
--- gcc/testsuite/gcc.dg/plugin/plugin.exp	(revision 158826)
+++ gcc/testsuite/gcc.dg/plugin/plugin.exp	(working copy)
@@ -68,3 +68,15 @@
     set plugin_input_tests [lreplace $plugin_test 0 0]
     plugin-test-execute $plugin_src $plugin_input_tests
+# run the plugindir tests
+# Initialize `dg'.
+# Main loop.
+dg-runtest [lsort [glob -nocomplain $srcdir/$subdir/plugindir*.\[cSi\]]] \
+# All done.

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