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ARM patch: Thumb2 reorg

This introduces a Thumb2-specific reorg pass.  While working on the IRA
patch I posted yesterday, I noticed that ifcvt was affected by register
allocation.  We have a peephole2 that converts arithmetic instructions
into their flag-clobbering versions, since those have smaller encodings.
 This happens a bit too early in the pipeline and can prevent further

Fixed by moving it to the reorg pass.  Here's a sample of changes:

.L7:                            .L7:
        ldrh    r1, [r2, r3]            ldrh    r1, [r2, r3]
        cmp     r1, r0                  cmp     r1, r0
        bne     .L6           |         itt     eq
        adds    r1, r5, r3    |         addeq   r1, r5, r3
        ldr     r4, [r1, #4]  |         ldreq   r4, [r1, #4]
.L6:                          <


        mov     r2, r1        |         and     r2, r1, r4
        mov     r3, r6        |         and     r3, r6, r5
        ands    r2, r2, r4    <
        ands    r3, r3, r5    <

This patch has been regression tested on
arm-linux-gnueabi(qemu-system-armv7{arch=armv7-a/thumb,thumb,}); I've
also run SPEC2000 on Cortex-A9, where this patch together with the IRA
patch improves overall score a tiny bit, with a ~2.5% improvement on
gap.  Ok?

There are other things we could add to thumb2_reorg; e.g. creation of IT
insns - currently we seem to overestimate the size of all cond_execs on


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