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[doc] Update gimple_statement_with_ops and gimple_statement_with_memory_ops

The field "addresses_taken" has been removed from those two structures months before. Update the doc accordingly. Tested by make gccint.pdf and inspected it.

Is it OK?

Jie Zhang
(650) 331-3385 x735
	* doc/gimple.texi (gimple_statement_with_ops): Remove
	addresses_taken field.
	(gimple_statement_with_memory_ops): Likewise.

Index: doc/gimple.texi
--- doc/gimple.texi	(revision 158725)
+++ doc/gimple.texi	(working copy)
@@ -212,24 +212,18 @@ common fields are placed in @code{gimple
 is then inherited from the other two tuples.
-@multitable {@code{addresses_taken}}	{56 + 8 * @code{num_ops} bytes}
+@multitable {@code{def_ops}}	{48 + 8 * @code{num_ops} bytes}
 @item	@code{gsbase}		@tab 256	
-@item	@code{addresses_taken}	@tab 64	
 @item	@code{def_ops}		@tab 64	
 @item	@code{use_ops}		@tab 64	
 @item	@code{op}		@tab @code{num_ops} * 64	
-@item	Total size		@tab 56 + 8 * @code{num_ops} bytes
+@item	Total size		@tab 48 + 8 * @code{num_ops} bytes
 @end multitable
 @itemize @bullet
 @item @code{gsbase}
 Inherited from @code{struct gimple_statement_base}.
-@item @code{addresses_taken}
-Bitmap holding the UIDs of all the @code{VAR_DECL}s whose addresses are
-taken by this statement. For example, a statement of the form
-@code{p = &b} will have the UID for symbol @code{b} in this set.
 @item @code{def_ops}
 Array of pointers into the operand array indicating all the slots that
 contain a variable written-to by the statement. This array is
@@ -254,18 +248,17 @@ vector (@code{gimple_statement_with_memo
-@multitable {@code{addresses_taken}}	{88 + 8 * @code{num_ops} bytes}
-@item Field				@tab Size (bits)
-@item @code{gsbase}			@tab 256
-@item @code{addresses_taken}		@tab 64
-@item @code{def_ops}			@tab 64
-@item @code{use_ops}			@tab 64
-@item @code{vdef_ops}			@tab 64
-@item @code{vuse_ops}			@tab 64
-@item @code{stores}			@tab 64	
-@item @code{loads}			@tab 64	
-@item @code{op}				@tab @code{num_ops} * 64	
-@item Total size			@tab 88 + 8 * @code{num_ops} bytes
+@multitable {@code{vdef_ops}}	{80 + 8 * @code{num_ops} bytes}
+@item Field			@tab Size (bits)
+@item @code{gsbase}		@tab 256
+@item @code{def_ops}		@tab 64
+@item @code{use_ops}		@tab 64
+@item @code{vdef_ops}		@tab 64
+@item @code{vuse_ops}		@tab 64
+@item @code{stores}		@tab 64	
+@item @code{loads}		@tab 64	
+@item @code{op}			@tab @code{num_ops} * 64	
+@item Total size		@tab 80 + 8 * @code{num_ops} bytes
 @end multitable
 @itemize @bullet

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