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PING 2 Re: [RFA] Let GDB find the right options.c

Ping 2.


On 04/11/2010 12:26 AM, Jie Zhang wrote:
Ping. Thanks.


On 03/31/2010 03:59 PM, Jie Zhang wrote:
When I was trying to set a breakpoint on a function in GCC generated
options.c, like cl_optimization_restore, GDB always thought it's the
options.c in gcc/fortran/ . That's because the .gdbinit in the GCC build
directory looks like:

dir .
dir ../../../svn/trunk/gcc
dir ../../../svn/trunk/gcc/ada
dir ../../../svn/trunk/gcc/cp
dir ../../../svn/trunk/gcc/fortran
dir ../../../svn/trunk/gcc/java
dir ../../../svn/trunk/gcc/lto
dir ../../../svn/trunk/gcc/objc
dir ../../../svn/trunk/gcc/objcp
source ../../../svn/trunk/gcc/

So GDB will search ../../../svn/trunk/gcc/fortran before the build
directory. This patch moves "dir ." after all other dir commands. So the
build directory will be searched first.

The options.c in gcc/fortran should still be able to be found correctly
when setting breakpoint on the functions in that file, since the file
name for that options.c will contains "fortran/"

Is it OK?

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