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Re: [patch, fortran] PR43832 OPEN statement not diagnosing missing unit number

Jerry DeLisle wrote:
Hans-Peter Nilsson wrote:
On Fri, 23 Apr 2010, Jerry DeLisle wrote:
Jerry DeLisle wrote:
Hi folks,

The attached patch adds an error message. I also found a redundant and bad
test case fgetc_3.f90 that failed with this patch and so I deleted it and
added the new test case open_nounit.f90.
Disregard the fgetc_3.f90 missing. My local trunk was at r158397. Otherwise
all is identical.

I'm not sufficiently sure (well ok, safe-side thickness) I understand you correctly, but in r158687 gfortran.dg/fgetc_3.f90 is there and failing (for cris-elf, but I guess universally). It's not mentioned in your testsuite changelog.

Should it just be removed?

brgds, H-P

To clarify, I found fgetc_3.f90 in my local tree at rev 158397 on my laptop. I discovered it because it failed with the patch. Looking closer at it I could see it had an OPEN statement with a missing UNIT. Looking at fgetc_2 and 1 I could see it was a duplicated test case except for the bad OPEN statement. So I deleted it.

Then I ported my patch over to my desktop machine from where I do my patch commits and found the patch buggered up because fgetc_3.f90 was not on trunk. This is when I realized I did not have latest trunk on my laptop and that since 158397, fgetc_3.f90 had already been deleted from trunk.

This whole fgetc_3.f90 is a bit odd. I did not find it in my local version of 158687.

Regardless, it should be deleted. I do not understand why you find it in your trunk. "svn update" should delete it. I did not explicitly or implicitly delete it from trunk when I committed the open_nounit.f90 test case. "svn status" does not show it missing from my local trunk

Hope this clarifies.


Hmm, I have made an error some where. Oh well, I see it in trunk now and I will do a proper delete of it.


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