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Re: PING: two middle-end builtin cproj patches

From: "Richard Guenther" <>

I am worried that with old glibc still around we now silently change
cproj semantics.  Can you at least add one executable testcase
that would FAIL with the incorrect implementation and PASS with
a correct implementation?  Please add an entry to gcc-4.6/changes,html
mentioning this change and the newest glibc version affected.

Ok with that change.

Thanks for the review. Here's the extra testcase I just checked in. I'll do the changes.html next.

I did as you asked, but IMHO having a FAIL (on all glibc boxes) on the trunk is too much noise. I suggest XFAILing it on mainline and having it fail only on the eventual 4.6 branch for release. I can add an XFAIL and open a PR so we don't forget to remove the XFAIL on the branch...


/* Copyright (C) 2010 Free Software Foundation.

  Check the runtime behavior of the C library's cproj() function and
  whether it follows the standard.  Versions of GLIBC through 2.11.1
  had an incorrect implementation which will conflict with GCC's
  builtin cproj().  GLIBC 2.12+ should be okay.

Origin: Kaveh R. Ghazi, April 20, 2010. */

/* { dg-do run } */
/* { dg-options "-fno-builtin-cproj" } */
/* { dg-add-options c99_runtime } */
/* { dg-require-effective-target c99_runtime } */

extern void abort(void);
extern void exit(int);
double _Complex cproj(double _Complex);

int main (void)
 if (cproj (2+3i) != 2+3i)


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