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Re: enable fdiagnostics-show-option by default

On 18 April 2010 00:03, Steven Bosscher <> wrote:

>>> ?(2) issue the [...] note only once.
>> That is too complex to implement.
> Hmm, it's not possible to keep a bitmap of OPT_W_blah values, or
> something like that?

One option OPT_W* may control different text messages. So, it has to
be attached to each different text message.

Even if each unique call to warning had its own bit, I find confusing to say:

warning: 'd' is uninitialized [-Wuninitialized]
[...loads of other stuff scrolling the above line up...]
warning: 'j' is uninitialized
warning: 'z' may be uninitialized [-Wuninitialized]

If you think the above is nice and trivial to implement, go ahead.

> Anyway, I think your patch is a good thing, even if the note issued
> more than once.

That depends how you understand "more than once". It is attached to
each diagnostic. I understand that what Gabriel proposes is to attach
it only to the first diagnostic with the same text.



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