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Re: [patch]: Add support of new __int128 type for targets having 128-bit integer scalar support

2010/4/15 Joseph S. Myers <>:
> You don't appear to have addressed my previous review comments in this
> patch version (for example, the point that __int128 should be handled like
> int, void, _Bool etc., getting "two or more data types in declaration
> specifiers" for use with those specifiers instead of having explicit
> checks for all of them). ?Furthermore, there are changes to existing code
> (patch hunks that just change whitespace, for example) that appear
> irrelevant to the addition of __int128.
> --
> Joseph S. Myers

Hmm, I just re-read my patch I sent and what white-space changes you
are talking about? I don't see in this patch pure white-space changes.
Also I modified in this patch that __int128 is handled like void,
_Bool, int, float, etc. I don't see you point. Could it be that you've
looked to a different patch?


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