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Re: [Patch, target] Sort out some issues in config{,/*}/darwin*.h

On 15 Apr 2010, at 19:06, Peter O'Gorman wrote:
So I read all those PRs last night, and ick.

o Split the LINK_COMMAND_SPEC into two bits:
LINK_COMMAND_SPEC_A Common across the platform.
DSYMUTIL_SPEC which needs to vary depending on the default debug

Looking at the PRs it does indeed seem absolutely necessary to wrap dsymutil and always exit 0 from the wrapper... Why not eat all of its stderr & stdout, btw, your -Wdsymutil flag could still be used to see them if required?

I want to see any errors/warnings from dsymutil that we don't specifically know are bogus.
(that's the reason I match it completely rather than wild-carding).

The proposed solution is better on the testsuite time than doing an extra pass with Wdsymutil.

o Filter out -lm and re-apply it where needed. [I've provided a
bolt-hole for anyone who wants to
force -lm (-force_lm) at least until we confirm that this is not
an issue.]

If you do decide to remove -lm, there is no need to add a -force_lm
option, the users who really really want a libm can add it with its full
path. Also no need to not eat it when targetting 10.3 etc.

-force_lm is mostly there for safety checks - I never saw it as a suitable long-term thing.

I think it's a horrible icky way to workaround the problem, but I don't
know that there exist less horrible ways. This really needs to be a
separate patch, just because it's so ugh.

if one wanted to be neater it would be necessary to write a

"%:remove-outfile() " - since %<lXX doesn't work for outfiles.
and %:replace-outfile() won't allow the replacement to be empty.

I thought of doing this - but decided to go the simple route for now.

I don't know what the -lgcc before -lSystem does, but ld won't look at
it until after it's looked at libSystem anyway, will it, unless the user
has passed -search_paths_first?

Hmm. well I think if it had the same name as a library OSX was using - you'd be right:
ld always includes the .dylib before the .a.
BUT, since it's not in the list of dylibs; ld is going to treat it as the same as if the User had added a ".a" on the C/L.

As for the other bits, well, they could be separate patches too,
couldn't they? :)

The DSYMUTIL & spec stuff needs to stay together - otherwise you'll get hoards of testsuite fails between then two parts (esp. in fortran).


the white space tidies could be separated ... if anyone feels strongly about it.


I'm not too bothered about the '-lm' patch - I thought the x86_64 dudes would be keen .. but if it's not bothering them, then we can just leave it alone.

We can't just "take it out" of the testsuite -- it's added by Dejagnu - so
we need to handle it locally or
wait until a new version of dejagnu appears -
or recommend running with a patched dejagnu ...

... anyone who wants to, can look at the solution to that in PR42333 .

thanks for the reviews,

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