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Re: [PATCH, driver] -Wl, passing empty strings to ld

On 04/15/2010 09:44 AM, Jim Wilson wrote:
>  What if an ld option makes sense with an empty argument, e.g. -Wl,-h, or
>  -Wl,-l, ?  It's a borderline case, I know, and I suppose you can do
>  -Xlinker '', but it seems like an arbitrary limitation for an option
>  that does pass-through by definition.
The xgcc driver is constructing an argv array, and one of the entries in
the argv array is pointing at a zero-length string.  There is no way to
type such a thing on a shell command line.  You can certainly type
something like '' which would be a 2 character string as an argument,

I don't follow, it would be a 0 character string in argv. '' or "" is exactly how you put a zero-length string on the command-line.

but you can't type nothing in the middle of a command line and expect it
to be interpreted as an argument to ld.

That's just how the shell works. You can pass s/abc// or s,abc,, to sed or vi and it does exactly what you'd think, I don't see why gcc's -W[alp],arg1,arg2,...,argN options should be different.


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