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Re: predicate aware uninitialized variable analysis

On 13 April 2010 21:23, Xinliang David Li <> wrote:
> The patch did not make into 4.5. Try it again for 4.6.
> There are new changes since the last attempt: The candidate list of
> PHIs (which may produce undefined values) are not precomputed. In the
> new patch, the predicate check will also be done on uses by phi
> arguments. Only when the uses ?in the phi arguments are not protected
> properly by a predicate, the phi statement will then be added to the
> worklist (and uses of its definitions will be checked later).
> Bootstrap and tested on x86_64/linux, and lots of apps.
> Ok for 4.6?

Since you have to generate a new patch anyway from Richard's comments.
I would propose to move all tests that are not C or C++ specific to

Note that if the difference is the command line parameters (you need
-std=* or some -Wno-* to avoid warnings), you can use

/* { dg-options "options for c" { target c } } */
/* { dg-options "options for c++" { target c++ } } */

The same works with other dg-* commands.



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