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[wwwdocs] changes-4.5: Add "(experimental)" to -fwhopr, EH cleanup and redirection

Honza pointed out that advertising -fwhopr is a bad idea as it is not
yet well working. -fwhopr only occurs once in the 4.5 changes; I propose
the following change:

   "combine -flto and -fwhopr  with -fwhole-program"
to "combine -flto [and -fwhopr (experimental)]  with -fwhole-program"

(I have also updated the links, again, - one should really link to the
4.5 documentation, but onlinedocs/4.5 does not exist, yet.)

Additionally, I added an item for eh cleanup and redirection, using what
Honza posted at #gcc.

OK? Better suggestions?

Index: changes.html
RCS file: /cvs/gcc/wwwdocs/htdocs/gcc-4.5/changes.html,v
retrieving revision 1.84
diff -u -r1.84 changes.html
--- changes.html	12 Apr 2010 04:54:08 -0000	1.84
+++ changes.html	14 Apr 2010 08:16:30 -0000
@@ -118,7 +118,7 @@
     and <code>csinl</code>) are also handled.</li>
     <li>A new link-time optimizer has been added (<code><a
-    href="";
+    href="";
     When this option is used, GCC generates a bytecode representation of
     each input file and writes it to special ELF sections in each
@@ -130,10 +130,10 @@
     performance of the generated code. To use the link-timer optimizer,
     <code>-flto</code> needs to be specified at compile time and during
     the final link. If the program does not require any symbols to be
-    exported, it is possible to combine <code>-flto</code> and <code><a
-    href="";
-    >-fwhopr</a></code> with <code><a
-    href="";
+    exported, it is possible to combine <code>-flto</code> [and <code><a
+    href="";
+    >-fwhopr</a></code> (experimental)] with <code><a
+    href="";
     >-fwhole-program</a></code> to allow the interprocedural optimizers
     to use more aggressive assumptions.</li>
@@ -157,6 +157,9 @@
     by value when possible. It is enabled by <code>-O2</code> and above
     as well as <code>-Os</code> and can be manually invoked using the new
     command-line switch <code>-fipa-sra</code>.  </li>
+    <li>GCC now optimize exception handling code. In particular cleanup
+    regions that are proved to not have any effect are optimized out.</li>
 <h2>New Languages and Language specific improvements</h2>

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