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Re: [DRAGONEGG] Expose 4 functions in i386.c

Hi Andrew,

Aren't at least one of these a target hook? Why can't you use the target

thanks for thinking about this. As far as I can see none of these are target hooks. Which one were you thinking of? As for why I can't use target hooks, as I mentioned in my email I believe I can rework the plugin to only use target hooks and not these functions, but it will take some time. That's why I'm requesting applying this for the moment. I would particularly like to have it in gcc-4.5. I'd be fine with not having it in mainline, since I'm confident that I will have resolved the issue before gcc-4.6 comes out, but I understand that (when feasible) the policy is to not apply patches to gcc-4.5 unless they have been applied to the mainline branch.



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On Apr 13, 2010, at 8:31 AM, Duncan Sands <> wrote:

My plugin currently needs to be able to call the functions
classify_argument, examine_argument and contains_aligned_value_p,
which are
defined in config/i386/i386.c. This patch makes them non-static (and adds
declarations - otherwise bootstrap breaks). I've been resisting
sending this
patch because (1) in the long run I believe I can rework the plugin to
need access to these functions; and (2) it is of no intrinsic interest
to gcc:
it only benefits my plugin. However it would clearly make life much
easier for
my users, since they would then not need to build their own patched
version of
gcc. OK to apply to the 4.5 branch and mainline?



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