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[4.5/m32c] libstdc++ build crashes emitting debug_info

This is the same old pointer+int issue, but apparently the
debug-emitting code isn't as careful as the regular code.  This patch
checks for the case where we're emitting debug info for a
POINTER_PLUS_EXPR with mis-matched modes, and corrects the expression.
Without this patch, m32c-elf libstdc++ cannot be built with -g.
Tested with m32c-elf, which AFAIK is the only target with pointers
that are not the same size as any integer type.

	* cfgexpand.c (expand_debug_expr): Check for mismatched modes
	in POINTER_PLUS_EXPR and fix them.

Index: cfgexpand.c
--- cfgexpand.c	(revision 158175)
+++ cfgexpand.c	(working copy)
@@ -2615,12 +2615,27 @@ expand_debug_expr (tree exp)
       if (unsignedp)
 	return gen_rtx_UNSIGNED_FIX (mode, op0);
 	return gen_rtx_FIX (mode, op0);
+      /* For the rare target where pointers are not the same size as
+	 size_t, we need to check for mis-matched modes and correct
+	 the addend.  */
+      if (op0 && op1
+	  && GET_MODE (op0) != VOIDmode && GET_MODE (op1) != VOIDmode
+	  && GET_MODE (op0) != GET_MODE (op1))
+	{
+	    op1 = gen_rtx_TRUNCATE (GET_MODE (op0), op1);
+	  else if (TYPE_UNSIGNED (TREE_TYPE (TREE_OPERAND (exp, 1))))
+	    op1 = gen_rtx_ZERO_EXTEND (GET_MODE (op0), op1);
+	  else
+	    op1 = gen_rtx_SIGN_EXTEND (GET_MODE (op0), op1);
+	}
+      /* Fall through.  */
     case PLUS_EXPR:
       return gen_rtx_PLUS (mode, op0, op1);
     case MINUS_EXPR:
       return gen_rtx_MINUS (mode, op0, op1);

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