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Re: RFA/RFC: Enable both gold and ld in a single toolchain

On 09.04.2010 10:46, Nick Clifton wrote:
Hi Guys,

Now that the GCC mainline sources are back in stage 1, and I am back
from vacation, here is another revised version of the gold-and-ld patch
for consideration, and I hope, approval.

This version fixes collect2.c so that it will build even if the
DEFAULT_LINKER environment variable is defined. It also changes the name
of the installed version of the gold linker to be in order to
use a consistent naming scheme.

looks fine to me. checked with a gcc build on the 4.5 branch.

If this is checked in on the trunk, I would like to ask to apply it to the branch as well. Selection of the linker currenly is only possible with the -B<path> option and some locally created symlinks in directories not on PATH. The -B<path> is installation dependent, your patch does remove this dependency.

Even one of our release managers mentioed that he would use a specfile patch/hack to be able to select another linker ;)


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