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[Patch testsuite] add TLS checks to ObjC.

Whilst looking at an emutls problem - I discovered that there are no TLS tests in the Obj{C,C++} suite.

This is possibly because Darwin doesn't have TLS, and therefore its interaction with ObjC isn't defined.

I've taken the view that, since ObjC is defined as a superset of C, it should compile the same TLS code as the C testsuite..
... (and by implication ObjC++ should compile the g++ TLS tests).

To this, I added "tls-init-3.m" which includes both ObjC and TLS syntax in the same file.

These have been regtested on {i686,powerpc}-apple-darwin9 and i686-pc- linux.


I've also taken the liberty of adding a dg-torture sub-tree to objc.dg.
At least some of the TLS test should be run at differing optimizations..
... and dg-torture will allow us more finesse in controlling test conditions as we move to OBJC1/2....

so this adds:
objc.dg/tls -- compile tests
objc.dg/torture/ dg-torture sub-tree
objc.dg/torture/tls/ a few tests to be checked at several optimizations.

It also makes lib/objc.exp recognize dg-additional-sources so that we can provide an "Object" implementation on Darwin >= 9 without perturbing the test sources.

objc-obj-c++-shared/Object1.m is this.

	* objc.dg/tls: New.
	* objc.dg/tls/diag-3.m: New.
	* objc.dg/tls/diag-4.m: New.
	* objc.dg/tls/diag-5.m: New.
	* objc.dg/tls/init-1.m: New.
	* objc.dg/tls/init-2.m: New.
	* objc.dg/tls/tls.exp: New.
	* objc.dg/tls/diag-2.m: New.
	* objc.dg/torture/tls/trivial.m: New.
	* objc.dg/torture/tls/thr-init-2.m: New.
	* objc.dg/torture/tls/thr-init-3.m: New.
	* objc.dg/torture/tls/thr-init.m: New.
	* objc.dg/torture/tls/diag-1.m: New.
	* objc.dg/torture/tls/tls.exp: New.
	* objc.dg/torture/trivial.m: New.
	* objc.dg/torture/dg-torture.exp: New.
	* objc-obj-c++-shared/Object1.m: New.
	* objc.dg/dg.exp: Tidy source file selection.
	* lib/objc.exp: Recognize dg-additional-sources.

Other than mentioned above, the tests are essentially copies of the ones in g++.dg/tls etc.

Changelog and patch attached.

I will not post the ObjC++ version until PR23716 is cleared, because that would cause fails at all optimizations > 0 on gnu-runtime (darwin & linux).


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