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Re: PATCH: Support Sun symbol versioning in libstdc++-v3

Hi Paolo,

>> * The only symbols missing from the Sun ld created library are those
>>   using symbol renaming with gas' .symver directive.  Since this doesn't
>>   work with Sun ld, there's a configure test to disable it and the
>>   symbols are thus missing.  I don't yet know how to deal with this:
>>   having the same version name include different symbols depending on
>>   the linker used isn't exactly a brilliant idea.
>>   I think it's best to disable this wholesale, even with GNU ld.  I've
>>   performed the following little experiment that proves that it doesn't
>>   work under any circumstances, so it serves no useful purpose, and the
>>   Sun linker maintainers have stated they have no intention of
>>   supporting this any time soon, neither in ld nor in  This has
>>   the pleasant side effect that there will be no difference in symbol
>>   versions irrespective of the linker used.
> before anything else, please double check this part with Jakub, he took
> care of that fix for a mistake we did with versioning. If you could just
> deal with this issue separately, and leave things as they are for
> binutils, I think that would speed up the final approval a lot, if you
> ask me...

I now realize that this passage could easily be misunderstood: I want to
disable this whole symbol renaming support *if targetting Solaris 2
only*, where it cannot work irrespective of toolchain used.  As I said,
I've absolutely no intention of breaking any other platform with this


Rainer Orth, Center for Biotechnology, Bielefeld University

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