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Re: [wwwdocs] - introduce GUPC project/branch

On Mon, 22 Feb 2010, Gary Funck wrote:
> The attached patch introduces that gupc branch and
> the GUPC project.  I'd appreciate your feedback.

Looks good to me.  Some minor comments which I'd like to see addressed 
before it goes in, but nothing that would take more than a few minutes.  
And it's nice to see this documented so well.

Index: projects/gupc.html
+The GNU UPC compiler extends the capabilities of the
+<a href="";>GNU GCC</a> compiler.

Write this link as "../", since we have a mirror on, too,
or will have again soon.


Remove this.

+<li>Intel ia64 (Itanium) Linux uniprocessor and symmetric multiprocessor
+    systems (SuSe SEL 11)</li>

That would be "SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11" or "SLES 11".

+<li>Mips2 32-bit ABI and mips4 64-bit ABI (SGI IRIX 6.5)</li>

Doesn't MIPS have several different ABIs (n.. and o..)?  If you
can get the details, add them, but it's not a tragedy if not.

+<p>If you would like to learn of future ports to other platforms,
+or would like to discuss the feasibility of implementing GUPC
+on a platform of interest to you, we recommend that you join the
+<a href="";>
+GUPC discussion list</a>.

Later on this page, you have more details on the list itself.  Would
it be appropriate to make this an internal link to that part of the
page?  <a href="#list"> or similar and <h2 id="list">The GNU...</p>?

+<h2>Project goal</h2>

Usually people put project goals up relatively at the beginning of
a page, but that's your call, not mine.

+<p>We encourage everyone to
+<a href="../../contribute.html">contribute changes</a>
+and help test GUPC.  GUPC is currently an SVN branch.  We
+provide read access to our development sources for everybody with
+<a href="../../svn.html">anonymous SVN</a>.

Are you sure this shouldn't just be "../contribute.html" and 

+<p>Bugs in GUPC should be reported via
+<a href="";>bugzilla</a>.  In all cases,

Would you mind making this "GCC Bugzilla"?

If the quality of your code patches match this one, you have a
very solid piece of code. :-)


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