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Re: PING *objc, NeXT runtime, testsuite changes*

On Thu, 2010-02-18 at 10:18 +0000, IainS wrote:
> On 17 Feb 2010, at 14:46, Dominique Dhumieres wrote:
> >> Looks like one extra fail on each of m32 and m64 ...
> >
> > With -m32 the failures are:
> I think we need to be clear about what the intent of these changes is  
> and what the effect should be...
> .... so some more detailed notes below.
> ------
> These notes do NOT apply to the fix for PR43061 nor to implementing  
> ObjC support in target-supports.exp (although those two patches are  
> also required for full functionality).
> The patches for PR43061 and ObjC target supports have been OK'd by  
> Mike and I believe that Janis was in (at least) broad agreement re.  
> the ObjC/target-supports in discussions on IRC before Xmas.
> It would help quite a bit if some kind soul could apply them as soon  
> as poss.

Iain, I'm sorry to have dropped the ball on reviewing the testsuite
changes and I'll take a look in the next few days.  Please let me know
if there are things that I miss.


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