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Re: Remove config.cache files when reconfiguring at top level

Hi Andreas,

Is that OK with you ?

Why can't you just put the config.cache removal into distclean? That's what the bug is all about anyway.

Because distclean is a Makefile target and the reconfigure deletes the Makefiles, so there are no distclean targets to be run. What used to happens was:

 1. User runs configure.
    Top level files are created but no sub-directories.

 2. User runs make.
    Sub-directories are created.  Makefile and config.cache files
    are created in the sub-directories.

 3. User runs configure again, with different flags.
    The configure script deletes the Makefiles that were created
    in the sub-directories, but leaves the config.cache files alone.

 4. User runs make distclean.
    There are no Makefiles present in the sub-directories so
    the config.cache files are left intact.

 5. User runs make.
    The build fails because the values in the config.cache files
    in the sub-directories no longer match up with the values
    specified in the reconfigure.

My patch made step 3 delete the config.cache files in directories where a Makefile was being deleted so that step 5 would then execute successfully.


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