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[PATCH 4/6] Remove unused ipa_note_param_call.called flag (approved)

This patch is a minor cleanup.  I have realized that the called flag
in the ipa-prop parameter descriptor is not used and I could not
really think how the flag can be obviously useful in a short-term
either so I removed it.

I have bootstrapped and tested this change along with the next one in
the series.

The patch has already been approved by Honza but this is its place in
the series and so I re-send it along.



2009-12-28  Martin Jambor  <>

	* ipa-prop.h (struct ipa_param_descriptor): Removed the called field.
	(ipa_is_param_called): Removed.
	* ipa-prop.c (ipa_note_param_call): Do not set the called flag.
	Removed parameter info.
	(ipa_print_node_params): Do not print the called flag.

Index: icln/gcc/ipa-prop.c
--- icln.orig/gcc/ipa-prop.c
+++ icln/gcc/ipa-prop.c
@@ -736,20 +736,16 @@ ipa_is_ssa_with_stmt_def (tree t)
 /* Create a new indirect call graph edge describing a call to a parameter
-   number FORMAL_ID and and set the called flag of the parameter.  NODE is the
-   caller and is described by INFO.  STMT is the corresponding call
+   number FORMAL_ID.  NODE is the caller, STMT is the corresponding call
    statement.  */
 static void
-ipa_note_param_call (struct cgraph_node *node, struct ipa_node_params *info,
-		     int formal_id, gimple stmt)
+ipa_note_param_call (struct cgraph_node *node, int formal_id, gimple stmt)
   struct cgraph_edge *cs;
   basic_block bb = gimple_bb (stmt);
   int freq;
-  info->params[formal_id].called = 1;
   freq = compute_call_stmt_bb_frequency (current_function_decl, bb);
   cs = cgraph_create_indirect_edge (node, stmt, bb->count, freq,
@@ -826,7 +822,7 @@ ipa_analyze_call_uses (struct cgraph_nod
       /* assuming TREE_CODE (var) == PARM_DECL */
       index = ipa_get_param_decl_index (info, var);
       if (index >= 0)
-	ipa_note_param_call (node, info, index, call);
+	ipa_note_param_call (node, index, call);
@@ -923,7 +919,7 @@ ipa_analyze_call_uses (struct cgraph_nod
   index = ipa_get_param_decl_index (info, rec);
   if (index >= 0 && !ipa_is_param_modified (info, index))
-    ipa_note_param_call (node, info, index, call);
+    ipa_note_param_call (node, index, call);
@@ -1405,8 +1401,6 @@ ipa_print_node_params (FILE * f, struct
                   : "(unnamed)"));
       if (ipa_is_param_modified (info, i))
 	fprintf (f, " modified");
-      if (ipa_is_param_called (info, i))
-	fprintf (f, " called");
       fprintf (f, "\n");
Index: icln/gcc/ipa-prop.h
--- icln.orig/gcc/ipa-prop.h
+++ icln/gcc/ipa-prop.h
@@ -143,8 +143,6 @@ struct ipa_param_descriptor
   tree decl;
   /* Whether the value parameter has been modified within the function.  */
   unsigned modified : 1;
-  /* Whether the parameter has been used as a call destination. */
-  unsigned called : 1;
 /* ipa_node_params stores information related to formal parameters of functions
@@ -220,17 +218,6 @@ ipa_is_param_modified (struct ipa_node_p
   return info->params[i].modified;
-/* Return the called flag corresponding to the Ith formal parameter of the
-   function associated with INFO.  Note that there is no setter method as the
-   goal is to set all flags when building the array in
-   ipa_detect_called_params.  */
-static inline bool
-ipa_is_param_called (struct ipa_node_params *info, int i)
-  return info->params[i].called;
 /* Flag this node as having callers with variable number of arguments.  */
 static inline void

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