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Re: [PATCH] prevents labels referenced in the exception table to be deleted

On Thu, Feb 11, 2010 at 11:25 AM, Christian BRUEL
<> wrote:
>>> A label referenced in the exception table is not dead and should not be
>>> deleted when jumps are merged, This patch just prevents this.
>> Looks like this would slow down the compiler for all targets, just to
>> make things work on the very few targets that still use the archaic
>> dbr-sched pass in reorg... ?Please, no.
> OK, I agree. And this implementation was rather other shot and naive.
> On the other hand this impacts the sparc, frv, fr30, cris, iq2000, picochip,
> arc, pa, mips and h83200, that have define_delay and use the dbr sched.
> What about just marking the label as PRESERVED_P as attached ? that solves
> the problem more generally and guards against any dangerous call to
> delete_insn.

Are you sure you are attacking this problem from the right angle? It
seems to me that a problem like this would have been noticed long ago
if the problem is that the label is not marked PRESERVED_P. More
likely, the problem is in reorg.c itself, and you should try to figure
out why it tries to delete the label in the first place.


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