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ping - plugin directory

Hello All

I am pinging again the patch (which is itself a ping^3)

I am sorry to insist so much. This patch is mostly for the confort of users. It enables invoking plugins by giving a short name like
instead of a full path like

Of course, GCC is now in stage 3 (or is it stage 4). But this patch improves slightly a new feature (not yet released in 4.4, I am speaking of plugins). And I believe that this small patch should be accepted, just to avoid the nightmare scenario of Debian having its own path for treehydra, and Fedora having another path for the same plugin.

Indeed this would only be useful if plugin are successful enough to be commonly distributed within distributions.

But if we don't do anything now, (assuming that plugins will be used) I am afraid that it will be too late in 4.6 -since by that time, several 4.5 plugins will florish.

Or I am wrong in proposing this patch? What does the stage 3 state means concretely for slightly improving a *new* feature (like plugins)? Should I open a PR on bugzilla to improve its chances of being reviewed?


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