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Re: PATCH: Fix Solaris/SPARC bootstrap without gas

Mikael Pettersson <> writes:

>  > No, that isn't the proper way to do it, HAVE_GNU_AS must simply be forgotten.
>  > Instead a config/sparc/gas.h file must be added and conditionally included.
> Is this closer to what you had in mind?  I called the new file elf-gas.h since
> there might be non-ELF systems using gas (not that I know of any).

I really don't like this approach:

* As far as I can see in config.gcc, there are no non-ELF SPARC targets
  left, so no need for elf-gas.h.  Additionally, you are missing a
  considerable set of other SPARC targets in your patch, which are most
  likely equally affected.

* If we have to revisit this and do it properly, the right way to me
  seems to simply check for the gas/as feature we need in,
  define an appropriate macro, and use that instead of statically
  including some header.  It might even be that older versions of gas
  don't support what we need (I have no idea, though), so the static
  approach is highly problematic.


Rainer Orth, Center for Biotechnology, Bielefeld University

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