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Re: [PATCH] GCC symdb

Sorry! Recently, I've a lots of free time again for my patch. symdb.txt is in
my patch, using `quilt push' to get it, of course, you can `quilt pop' if you
don't like it anytime. I also place it in my new attachment which also
includes a legal.txt. To quick review my patch, simply go to <Purpose>,
<Feature List> and <Known issue with the patch> sections of symdb.txt please,
pay special attention to the last paragraph of <Known issue> section. Open it
with vim7.

2009/11/27 Joseph S. Myers <>:
> On Fri, 27 Nov 2009, yunfeng zhang wrote:
>> Is it possible to accept my patch to gcc or not?
> You do not appear to have sent anything recognisable as a GCC patch
> submission, just a tarball with a random set of files that do not include
> "gcc/doc/symdb.txt" which you suggest in your message might be relevant
> documentation. ?Since you do not have a copyright assignment on file with
> the Free Software Foundation, people aren't going to look in detail at any
> substantial patch you do send. ?See <>
> for details on how to send patches once you have an assignment on file;
> note in particular that things should be sent in plain text form. ?Make
> sure you include a full explanation of the feature and the implementation
> approach *in plain text in the body of the message*, and follow the
> examples of the best-explained gcc-patches submissions from established
> developers. ?User documentation and testcases are at least as important as
> the actual implementation for initial review purposes.
> --
> Joseph S. Myers

Attachment: symdb.tbz
Description: application/bzip-compressed-tar

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