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Re: [patch]: Add push_macro/pop_macro feature for all targets by moving it from C frontent into libcpp

2009/11/4 Dave Korn <>:
> Kai Tietz wrote:
>> ChangeLog for gcc/testsuite
>> 2009-11-04 ?Kai Tietz ?<>
>> ? ? ? * g++.dg/torture/pushpop_macro.C: New testcase.
>> ? ? ? * gcc.c-torture/execute/pushpop_macro.c: New testcase.
> ?We have a C and C++ common dir in the testsuite now, I think you could
> probably just put one copy of the testcase in there? ?Not sure if it does
> execute tests or just compile tests, but in that case you could just tweak the
> testcase so that instead of defining the underscore to 2 or 1, you could
> define it to 2 or something that creates a syntax or link error.
> ? ? cheers,
> ? ? ?DaveK

Well, as this feature is more or less IMHO a torture testcase and the
C and C++ cases are different, as exactly at the moment we have a
working C version, but C++ fails badly, I think they are well placed
where they are. If it would be better to make out of those testcase
compile-only tests is IMHO more an esthetically question.
But good to know that there is now a common C/C++ directory. Thanks
for this head up.


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