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Integer pipeline description for Cortex A9.


Here's an initial description of the integer pipeline for the Cortex A9.
This gives about 5% overall improvement at O2 and about 3.25%
improvement overall at O3 for a popular embedded benchmark. 

There are currently about 5-6 outlier in this benchmark that I'm
currently investigating. After identifying and (hopefully fixing) these,
I'll be getting on to tuning for the A9 VFP and Neon descriptions over
the next few weeks. 

Ok to commit ? 


2009-10-31  Ramana Radhakrishnan  <>

	* config/arm/ New - integer pipeline description.

Ramana Radhakrishnan
GNU Tools
ARM Ltd.
---	(revision 153702)
+++	(working copy)
@@ -1,6 +1,8 @@
-;; ARM Cortex-A9 VFP pipeline description
-;; Copyright (C) 2008 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
-;; Written by CodeSourcery.
+;; ARM Cortex-A9 pipeline description
+;; Copyright (C) 2008, 2009 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
+;; Originally written by CodeSourcery for VFP.
+;; Integer core pipeline description contributed by ARM Ltd.
 ;; This file is part of GCC.
@@ -20,9 +22,181 @@
 (define_automaton "cortex_a9")
-;; FIXME: We model a single pipeline for all instructions.
-;; Is dual-issue possible, and do we have other pipelines?
-(define_cpu_unit "cortex_a9_vfp" "cortex_a9")
+;; The Cortex-A9 integer core is modelled as a dual issue pipeline that has
+;; the following components.
+;; 1. 1 Load Store Pipeline.
+;; 2. P0 / main pipeline for data processing instructions.
+;; 3. P1 / Dual pipeline for Data processing instructions.
+;; 4. MAC pipeline for multiply as well as multiply
+;;    and accumulate instructions.
+;; 5. 1 VFP / Neon pipeline.
+;; The Load/Store and VFP/Neon pipeline are multiplexed.
+;; The P0 / main pipeline and M1 stage of the MAC pipeline are
+;;   multiplexed.
+;; The P1 / dual pipeline and M2 stage of the MAC pipeline are
+;;   multiplexed.
+;; There are only 4 register read ports and hence at any point of
+;; time we can't have issues down the E1 and the E2 ports unless
+;; of course there are bypass paths that get exercised.
+;; Both P0 and P1 have 2 stages E1 and E2.
+;; Data processing instructions issue to E1 or E2 depending on
+;; whether they have an early shift or not.
+(define_cpu_unit "cortex_a9_vfp, cortex_a9_ls" "cortex_a9")
+(define_cpu_unit "cortex_a9_p0_e1, cortex_a9_p0_e2" "cortex_a9")
+(define_cpu_unit "cortex_a9_p1_e1, cortex_a9_p1_e2" "cortex_a9")
+(define_cpu_unit "cortex_a9_p0_wb, cortex_a9_p1_wb" "cortex_a9")
+(define_cpu_unit "cortex_a9_mac_m1, cortex_a9_mac_m2" "cortex_a9")
+(define_cpu_unit "cortex_a9_branch, cortex_a9_issue_branch" "cortex_a9")
+(define_reservation "cortex_a9_p0_default" "cortex_a9_p0_e2, cortex_a9_p0_wb")
+(define_reservation "cortex_a9_p1_default" "cortex_a9_p1_e2, cortex_a9_p1_wb")
+(define_reservation "cortex_a9_p0_shift" "cortex_a9_p0_e1, cortex_a9_p0_default")
+(define_reservation "cortex_a9_p1_shift" "cortex_a9_p1_e1, cortex_a9_p1_default")
+(define_reservation "cortex_a9_multcycle1"
+  "cortex_a9_p0_e2 + cortex_a9_mac_m1 + cortex_a9_mac_m2 + \
+cortex_a9_p1_e2 + cortex_a9_p0_e1 + cortex_a9_p1_e1")
+(define_reservation "cortex_a9_mult16"
+  "cortex_a9_mac_m1, cortex_a9_mac_m2, cortex_a9_p0_wb")
+(define_reservation "cortex_a9_mac16"
+  "cortex_a9_multcycle1, cortex_a9_mac_m2, cortex_a9_p0_wb")
+(define_reservation "cortex_a9_mult"
+  "cortex_a9_mac_m1*2, cortex_a9_mac_m2, cortex_a9_p0_wb")
+(define_reservation "cortex_a9_mac"
+  "cortex_a9_multcycle1*2 ,cortex_a9_mac_m2, cortex_a9_p0_wb")
+;; Issue at the same time along the load store pipeline and
+;; the VFP / Neon pipeline is not possible.
+;; FIXME:: At some point we need to model the issue
+;; of the load store and the vfp being shared rather than anything else.
+(exclusion_set "cortex_a9_ls" "cortex_a9_vfp")
+;; Default data processing instruction without any shift
+;; The only exception to this is the mov instruction
+;; which can go down E2 without any problem.
+(define_insn_reservation "cortex_a9_dp" 2
+  (and (eq_attr "tune" "cortexa9")
+       (ior (eq_attr "type" "alu")
+	    (and (eq_attr "type" "alu_shift_reg, alu_shift")
+		 (eq_attr "insn" "mov"))))
+  "cortex_a9_p0_default|cortex_a9_p1_default")
+;; An instruction using the shifter will go down E1.
+(define_insn_reservation "cortex_a9_dp_shift" 3
+   (and (eq_attr "tune" "cortexa9")
+	(and (eq_attr "type" "alu_shift_reg, alu_shift")
+	     (not (eq_attr "insn" "mov"))))
+   "cortex_a9_p0_shift | cortex_a9_p1_shift")
+;; Loads have a latency of 4 cycles.
+;; We don't model autoincrement instructions. These
+;; instructions use the load store pipeline and 1 of
+;; the E2 units to write back the result of the increment.
+(define_insn_reservation "cortex_a9_load1_2" 4
+  (and (eq_attr "tune" "cortexa9")
+       (eq_attr "type" "load1, load2, load_byte"))
+  "cortex_a9_ls")
+;; Loads multiples and store multiples can't be issued for 2 cycles in a
+;; row. The description below assumes that addresses are 64 bit aligned.
+;; If not, there is an extra cycle latency which is not modelled.
+;; FIXME:: This bit might need to be reworked when we get to
+;; tuning for the VFP because strictly speaking the ldm
+;; is sent to the LSU unit as is and there is only an
+;; issue restriction between the LSU and the VFP/ Neon unit.
+(define_insn_reservation "cortex_a9_load3_4" 5
+  (and (eq_attr "tune" "cortexa9")
+       (eq_attr "type" "load3, load4"))
+  "cortex_a9_ls, cortex_a9_ls")
+(define_insn_reservation "cortex_a9_store1_2" 0
+  (and (eq_attr "tune" "cortexa9")
+       (eq_attr "type" "store1, store2"))
+  "cortex_a9_ls")
+;; Almost all our store multiples use an auto-increment
+;; form. Don't issue back to back load and store multiples
+;; because the load store unit will stall.
+(define_insn_reservation "cortex_a9_store3_4" 0
+  (and (eq_attr "tune" "cortexa9")
+       (eq_attr "type" "store3, store4"))
+  "cortex_a9_ls+(cortex_a9_p0_default | cortex_a9_p1_default), cortex_a9_ls")
+;; We get 16*16 multiply / mac results in 3 cycles.
+(define_insn_reservation "cortex_a9_mult16" 3
+  (and (eq_attr "tune" "cortexa9")
+       (eq_attr "insn" "smulxy"))
+       "cortex_a9_mult16")
+;; The 16*16 mac is slightly different that it
+;; reserves M1 and M2 in the same cycle.
+(define_insn_reservation "cortex_a9_mac16" 3
+  (and (eq_attr "tune" "cortexa9")
+       (eq_attr "insn" "smlaxy"))
+  "cortex_a9_mac16")
+(define_insn_reservation "cortex_a9_multiply" 4
+  (and (eq_attr "tune" "cortexa9")
+       (eq_attr "insn" "mul"))
+       "cortex_a9_mult")
+(define_insn_reservation "cortex_a9_mac" 4
+  (and (eq_attr "tune" "cortexa9")
+       (eq_attr "insn" "mla"))
+       "cortex_a9_mac")
+;; An instruction with a result in E2 can be forwarded
+;; to E2 or E1 or M1 or the load store unit in the next cycle.
+(define_bypass 1 "cortex_a9_dp"
+                 "cortex_a9_dp_shift, cortex_a9_multiply,
+ cortex_a9_load1_2, cortex_a9_dp, cortex_a9_store1_2,
+ cortex_a9_mult16, cortex_a9_mac16, cortex_a9_mac, cortex_a9_store3_4, cortex_a9_load3_4")
+(define_bypass 2 "cortex_a9_dp_shift"
+                 "cortex_a9_dp_shift, cortex_a9_multiply,
+ cortex_a9_load1_2, cortex_a9_dp, cortex_a9_store1_2,
+ cortex_a9_mult16, cortex_a9_mac16, cortex_a9_mac, cortex_a9_store3_4, cortex_a9_load3_4")
+;; An instruction in the load store pipeline can provide
+;; read access to a DP instruction in the P0 default pipeline
+;; before the writeback stage.
+(define_bypass 3 "cortex_a9_load1_2" "cortex_a9_dp, cortex_a9_load1_2,
+cortex_a9_store3_4, cortex_a9_store1_2")
+(define_bypass 4 "cortex_a9_load3_4" "cortex_a9_dp, cortex_a9_load1_2,
+cortex_a9_store3_4, cortex_a9_store1_2,  cortex_a9_load3_4")
+;; Calls and branches.
+;; Branch instructions
+(define_insn_reservation "cortex_a9_branch" 0
+  (and (eq_attr "tune" "cortexa9")
+       (eq_attr "type" "branch"))
+  "cortex_a9_branch")
+;; Call latencies are essentially 0 but make sure
+;; dual issue doesn't happen i.e the next instruction
+;; starts at the next cycle.
+(define_insn_reservation "cortex_a9_call"  0
+  (and (eq_attr "tune" "cortexa9")
+       (eq_attr "type" "call"))
+  "cortex_a9_issue_branch + cortex_a9_multcycle1 + cortex_a9_ls + cortex_a9_vfp")
+;; Pipelining for VFP instructions.
 (define_insn_reservation "cortex_a9_ffarith" 1
  (and (eq_attr "tune" "cortexa9")

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