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Re: [PATCH] Apparent thinko in closures.c causing GCC bootstrap failure on Cygwin

Timothy Wall wrote:
> On Jun 30, 2009, at 8:17 AM, Dave Korn wrote:
>>  Some minor fallout resulting after the libffi merge.  The code in
>> closures.c
>> is currently structured like this:

I don't think this is anything to do with the merge, it's Timothy's
Windows changes.

> When compiling for windows, there shouldn't be any mmap/munmap
> references at all.  While cygwin may supply some version of these,
> dlmalloc defines w32mmap/w32unmap which directly calls the appropriate
> routines for windows when WIN32 is defined (which I believe is always
> the case for the mingw compiler).
> Apparently the cygwin build is defining macros differently than
> -mno-cygwin (which is what I use for w32/w64), resulting in extant
> references to mmap/munmap.
> Have you run the tests on a system with DEP enabled (System control
> panel->Performance Options->Data Execution Prevention)?  That's likely
> the only place they'd fail if mmap isn't set up correctly.  Prior to the
> w64 patches the dlmalloc stuff never enabled the w32 mmap equivalents,
> so it was always using vanilla malloc for closures.

So can we get back to the status quo ante for Cygwin?


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