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Re: [Patch] Factor self-referential size trees into functions

> A nit: I don't like find_substitute_in_expr being in tree.c and I don't
> like its name.

It's the natural place though, alongside the related substitute_in_expr and 
substitute_placeholder_in_expr.  As for the name, find_placeholder_in_expr 
would probably be better indeed.

> Also, maybe you want the function to be named SZ.%d instead of SZ%d just
> for clarity in the gimple outputs with functions named SZ%d by the user
> (you never know -- though maybe Ada functions are mangled?)

These are not Ada functions, but they are uniquized by get_file_function_name.

> If I understand the patch correctly, this is a one-liner and could be
> submitted separately (personally, I would have no problem if the rest of
> the patch was approved by an Ada maintainer, or if you just went ahead
> and committed it).

No, it's not a one-liner, several places are touched.

> Roughly, what is the asymptotic complexity of multiple levels of
> discriminated types?

In terms of what?

> Would this patch help with problems like the one you recently posted a patch
> for?  (Just two curiosities). 

Sorry, which patch exactly?

Eric Botcazou

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