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Re: [Fortran] RFC: Patch to support STDCALL etc. (PR 34112) * PING *

Steve Kargl schrieb:
> OK to commit.
> You may want to announce on c.l.f that this feature is
> now available.  This might attract the needed mingw/cygwin
> testing.
Committed as Ref. 149036. I think announcing at c.l.f is a good idea,
but maybe wait a while to make sure that at least one of the regular
builds has it.

Regarding nightly builds:

* x86_64: I just saw that my builds have started to depend (at least
with certain options) on GLIBC_2.7 - and on newer bindutils than
2.15.94. I do not see how to solve this best. At least the binutils part
seems unavoidable. (I could pack some binutils as well?)

* i686 builds: I cannot build them currently since my VirtualBox does
not want to build. I should put some time to fix this, but if some else
can provide them ... Additionally, there is even a bigger GLIBC
dependency problem as i686 exists for longer than x86_64 and thus more
only installations are around

* mingw/cygwin: Maybe it is time to update now :-)


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