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Re: [IFUNC] PATCH: Add an ifunc attribute

Hello H.J.,

some typos and grammar errors:

* H.J. Lu wrote on Sun, Jun 28, 2009 at 05:10:52PM CEST:
> 	* doc/extend.texi: Document ifunc attribute.

> --- gcc/doc/extend.texi	(.../fsf/trunk)	(revision 6328)
> +++ gcc/doc/extend.texi	(.../branches/ifunc)	(revision 6328)
> @@ -1924,6 +1924,28 @@ is not defined in the same translation u
>  Not all target machines support this attribute.
> +@item ifunc
> +@cindex @code{ifunc} attribute
> +The @code{ifunc} attribute only applies to function definition, which

to a function definition

> +causes the definition to be emitted as an indirec function.  For


> +instance,
> +
> +@smallexample
> +int f (int) __attribute__ ((ifunc));
> +@end smallexample
> +

Insert @noindent (on a line by itself) here, to continue the paragraph.

> +defines @samp{f} as an indirect function.  @samp{f} should return a
> +pointer to the actual function that should be executed as @samp{f}.
> +@samp{f} is called only by dynamic linker without any arguments. 

the dynamic linker, and

> +It is an error if @samp{f} is undefined in the same translation unit,

s/undefined/not defined/  sounds more appropriate to me.

> +or any parameters are used inside @samp{f}, or the return type isn't
> +a pointer to @samp{f}.
> +
> +See @code{STT_GNU_IFUNC} specified in @file{ifunc.txt} at
> +@uref{}.
> +
> +Not all target machines support this attribute.

I think   s/target machines/targets/  is better, but I'm not sure.


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