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Re: PATCH: Add ifunc attribute

On Fri, Jun 26, 2009 at 12:13 PM, Roland McGrath<> wrote:
>> > Why wouldn't Roland's proposal work with C++?
>> I am not sure it will work for C++, especially for member functions.
> That isn't actually an answer to the question, you know.
> Why wouldn't it?
> I had not thought about name mangling before, but I don't see a special
> problem if you treat it in what seems to me the obvious way. ?With:
> __typeof (foo) *foo_finder (void) __attribute__ ((ifunc ("foo")));
> The mangling of "foo" goes with the type of "foo". ?Either you could say
> that a foo prototype must be in scope, and it literally uses the type of
> "foo", but that is probably a confusing definition given overloading.
> With C++ overloading you can't actually use __typeof (foo), of course.
> void foo (int);
> void foo (float);
> void (*foo_int_finder (void)) (int) __attribute__ ((ifunc ("foo")));
> void (*foo_float_finder (void)) (float) __attribute__ ((ifunc ("foo")));
> So what you say is that the function type to which *_finder's return type
> is a pointer, is the type of "foo" for name-mangling purposes. ?Same with
> s/foo/someclass::foo/ for a member function.

I have some C/C++ examples with valid and invalid cases:

How will you get the same functionality with other


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