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unsigned integer wrap 'trap'.

Wasn't sure whether to post this to gcc Dev or Patches so its both to start

Its my first posting to this forum so first some background:

I have a storage application to which I can record or retrieve files. Its
multi-process C/C++ compiled 
to run on the SPARC platform. The problem is the maximum file size which can
be stored is 4GB due to 
the size being internally conveyed using an unsigned integer. I need to
extend the range so it accepts
much larger files i.e. convert all uints to long longs. The approach at
first was to work through the code 
line-by-line to locate and upsize all variables as required. The problem is
there's almost a million lines of
code and no guarantee every instance of filesize usage will be located &
upsized. Another more elegant
approach which came to mind was to somehow 'trap' the occurrence of
*unsigned* integer overflow...or
should that be wrapping - yes I know its completely acceptable behaviour. If
I could get gcc to do this 
for me I could simply run a full suite of end-to-end functional testing then
wait for the trap to fire and 
abort. After each abort I can identify the undersized variable (via the
backtrace) then apply a fix and
repeat the process. This approach guarantees I'll target all variables
restricting >4GB file records.

I'm not for a moment suggesting this be added as an option to gcc. I'm just
wanting to build a temporary 
tool to serve a purpose as outlined above. Want I'm looking for are some
fast-track, high-level pointers 
as to how to achieve this. 

Bear in mind I've spent a good week gazing at the gcc source but need some
guidance to go forward.
As a starting point I've had a stab at modifying the -ftrapv option to work
with unsigned int arithmetic.
Preliminary testing appears to work ok with test apps aborting when wrapping
occurs (I'm also mindful 
of -ftrapv possibly being flaky according to some other posts).

What I'm desperately lacking is the ability to also trap/abort when ANY
unsigned int be it a function arg,
return variable, local variable, etc WRAPS on being assigned or passed a
value to large in RUNTIME.

Any advice as detailed as you like in relation to the source would be very
much appreciated.
Thanks for taking the time to read this and any other ideas on how to do
this are also welcome.

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