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Re: [PATCH] Pass -mtune and -march options to assembler.

Mark Mitchell <> writes:
> Richard Sandiford wrote:
>>>> is that it isn't an "either/or".  Both approaches are only
>>>> useful if we do them right, and if we do do them right, they're
>>>> _independently_ useful.
>>> Yes, I think you've made a convincing argument for that.  However, the
>>> use of specs should be limited to the compilation of .s files, where the
>>> compiler itself is not involved;
>> But this is what I disagree with.  I'm not sure whether what you say
>> is an opinion or a policy. 
> Fortunately for all of us, I don't get to make policy unilaterally. :-)
> I'm arguing for what I think the policy should be, though.

OK, fair enough.  I admit part of my fear here was that MIPS would be
forced to switch to the directives model, even though it has a long
and proud history of doing things the specs way (rightly IMO).

I strongly disagree that, if we're allowing users to split the compilation
and assembly stages up, and the user explicitly chooses to do so, that we
should nevertheless consider them atomic.  I could go into more detail,
but I think we've got to the stage where we're just restating what we've
already said.  If MIPS can stay the way it is now then I'll agree to
disagree and stop whining.

It looks like the OP might have been scared off by the negative
reaction to his patch, which is a shame (but understandable).


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