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Re: export more plugin headers

Diego Novillo wrote:
2009/6/22 Ralf Wildenhues <>:

This patch does not ensure that the set of files installed remains
sufficient for compiling plugins against it.

Nor can it (though it would be nice if we had such mechanism). The set of installed files needed for building plugins is going to remain fluid for a while. The alternative would be to always install *every* .h file in the source tree, but that seems excessive.
I am not sure that really would be excessive (disk space is cheap). At least it looks simple (but the devil is in the details, and we have generated header files in the build tree).

I would suppose that the set of exported headers (those visiible to plugins) would at least contain the union of the headers visible at every occurrence of invoke_plugin_callbacks.

I believe that at first we sould "export" a lot of headers (and perhaps progressively shrinken it, not the other way round = augmenting this set of headers on demand). Otherwise, each plugin writer would have to be able to submit a patch to export the header files he need.


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