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Re: PATCH RFA: Support --enable-build-with-cxx at top level

Hello Ian,

can you also address these in your planned followup?

* Ian Lance Taylor wrote on Mon, Jun 22, 2009 at 08:42:38PM CEST:
> --- gcc/doc/install.texi	(revision 148809)
> +++ gcc/doc/install.texi	(working copy)

> +@item --with-boot-libs=@var{libs}
> +This option may be used to set libraris to be used when linking stage 2


> +and later when bootstrapping GCC.  The default is the argument to
> +@option{--with-host-libstdcxx}, if specified.

> --- gcc/	(revision 148809)
> +++ gcc/	(working copy)

> @@ -3721,6 +3735,13 @@ esac],
>  echo "Using $GGC for garbage collection."
> +# Libraries to use on the host.  This will normally be set by the top
> +# level Makefile.  Here we simply capture the value for our Makefile.
> +if ! test -n "${HOST_LIBS+set}"; then

  ! command

is not portable sh in practice, but
  if test !

is; but I guess
  if test -z

should be the clearest choice here, even if GCC otherwise requires a
shell that understands the construct you used.

> +fi

> ---	(revision 148809)
> +++	(working copy)

> @@ -1422,10 +1428,59 @@ case $with_host_libstdcxx in
>      ;;
>  esac
> +# Linker flags to use for stage1 or when not boostrapping.
> +AC_ARG_WITH(stage1-ldflags,
> +[  --with-stage1-ldflags=FLAGS Linker flags for stage1],
> +[if test $withval = no -o $withval = yes; then

Not quoting $withval here is dangerous.  If it happens to be empty,
because the FLAGS part was passed empty, then test sees 5 arguments
and barfs.  The most conservative quoting is something like

as some old test programs (or shells) do the wrong thing when the
arguments start with a hyphen.  Several instances.

> +   stage1_ldflags=
> + else
> +   stage1_ldflags=$withval
> + fi],
> +[stage1_ldflags=])
> +AC_SUBST(stage1_ldflags)


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