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Re: [Fortran] RFC: Patch to support STDCALL etc. (PR 34112)

Tobias Burnus wrote:
+@node GNU Fortran Compiler Directives
+@section GNU Fortran Compiler Directives
+The Fortran standard as the C standard describe how a conforming
+program shall behave; however, the exact implementation is not
+standarized. In order to allow the user to choose the implementation
+choices, compiler directives can be used to set attributes of
+variables which are not part of the standard. Whether a given
+attribute is supported and its exact effects depend on both the
+operating system and on the processor; see
+@ref{Top,,C Extensions,gcc,Using the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC)}
+for details.

You took out the dashes around "as the C standard", but I think Steve was suggesting taking out the entire phrase (and I agree with that suggestion).


I don't really care for "choose the implementation choices". I think I would write the sentence as follows:

In order to allow the user to choose specific implementation details, compiler directives...

Also, shouldn't "variables" be "variables and procedures"?

+On some systems, procedures and global variables (module variables and
+@code{COMMON} blocks) need to be handled specially to be accessible,
+when they are in a shared library. The following attributes are available

I would change "to be handled specially" to "special handling". Remove the comma, the sentence is correct without it. Shouldn't there be a colon after "available"?

+For procedures, the compiler directives shall be placed into the body
+of the procedure, for variables and procedure pointers the shall be in
+the same declaration part as the variable or procedure pointer.

s/the shall/they shall/

I would put a semicolon in front of "for variables and..." and a comma after "pointers".

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