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Re: [wwwdocs] Fix link to plugins branch page

Gerald Pfeifer wrote:
On Wed, 17 Jun 2009, Diego Novillo wrote:
I had forgotten to update the link to the plugins branch wiki page
from the main GCC page (thanks Basile).

I will say that I liked the original link

-href="";>plugin framework</a> on host
+href="";>plugin framework</a> on host

much better than the new one, especially now that the branch has been merged. Is this something you could change (and redirect) on the Wiki?

I believe that whatever is done, there should be a fast path from the home page to the Plugins chapter of the internal documentation.

My intuition is that people looking not often at GCC home page should get quickly to the documentation of plugins, to understand what can be done. They should also get quickly to a list of plugins. Both are important.


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