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Re: trunk patch: documenting how to build plugins.

Rafael Espindola wrote:
The last sentence explains that some plugin could indeed need the source or
build tree. This could happen because of gengtype, or because the plugin
might want to use some feature or function of GCC which is not declared
inside the plugin/include directory. IIRC the plugin dogma (which I agree
with) is : there is no stable GCC internal API!

The API is not stable but it should be available on plugins/include. Do you need a header file that is missing from that directory?
I don't know yet. As I explained on gcc@ the pluginification of MELT is much less a priority for me.

However, I thought that the plugin dogma above is absolutely essential to the GCC community. If it is, something should explain or suggest it in the documentation, IMHO.


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