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Re: Add Android related compilation options and multilib options

On Tue, 16 Jun 2009, Mark Mitchell wrote:

> Doug Kwan (éæå) wrote:
> > I agree with you that a more flexible gcc is a good thing.  However,
> > to make that work, we need to build run-time libraries for each of the
> > dynamic targets gcc is configured to support.  Using multilibs may not
> > be the best approach though.
> Multilibs are definitely not the right approach; multilib configuration
> should, in theory, be possible to do at configure-time, rather than as a
> property of a target triplet.  In other words "configure for arm-eabi,
> and give me a ARMv5T multilib and a ARMv7-A multilib" rather than
> "configure for arm-eabi, which implies a set of multilibs".

But you should also be able (in the multi-target compiler world) to say 
"configure for arm-eabi with these multilibs, and for arm-linux-gnueabi 
with those multilibs", and have a compiler built that supports both those 
targets and has the given set of multilibs for each of them.  (In turn, it 
should be possible to add multilibs after the compiler was built without 
rebuilding the compiler, and tell it how to find them.)

Joseph S. Myers

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