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Re: Add Android related compilation options and multilib options

On Jun 16, 2009, at 2:12 PM, Mark Mitchell wrote:

Ian Lance Taylor wrote:

Why don't you add android as a os variant and configure
for a arm-eabi-android target instead?

That is what Doug Kwan proposed originally, and Mark Mitchell said this:

Well, ultimately, this is a question for an ARM backend maintainer, if a
dispute needs to be resolved.

But, my feeling is that far too many things in GCC are determined at
compile-time. GCC is the only compiler that requires that you pick at
compile-time what RTOS you're targeting, and that's not a feature. Some
compilers can even switch between architecture (e.g., ARM vs. MIPS) with
a compile-time option. So, we should be making GCC more dynamic, not
less dynamic, and adding -mandroid is a step towards that. If we were
to have an arm-android configuration, it should just be arm-eabi with
-mandroid turned on by default.

Clang is one of these "more dynamic" compilers. You can link many targets into it and use -arch to switch between architectures within the same OS/version or the -triple option to switch to completely different target triples.

That said, if it were my choice, I'd strongly prefer making android it's own target triple. If you want to make GCC more dynamic, make it work with multiple target triples first.


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