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Re: [C++0x] std::exception_ptr rvalues

> Sebastian Redl wrote:
>> Does the 4.4 branch implement the changed rvalue reference semantics?

Hi Sebastian,

I'm not sure if you mean the language changes from n2844 (i.e.
rvalue-references will not bind to lvalues) or the library changes (no
swapping with rvalues.)

GCC trunk doesn't implement the new language semantics, but I removed
the rvalue swap support from the library (on trunk only), as the
change didn't rely on the front end changes so could be done first.
Whoever does the front end changes won't need to deal with the library
parts, and users get the right behaviour from the library today.

2009/6/16 Paolo Carlini:
> Of course all the branches where Jon has committed his other changes, I
> don't remember out of the top of my head if those went in 4_4-branch
> too, committing this change alone would not make sense, indeed.

I didn't remove the swap overloads from the 4.4. branch, but I can do
if you want.

IMHO the exception_ptr changes are independent:

the non-moving move assignment is an inefficiency in trunk and the
branch,  and is nothing to do with n2844.

the rvalue swap overload is not required by the standard and is not
used internally by libstdc++, so I think that could go on the 4.4
branch even if the rest of the library still supports swapping with


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