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[patch] PR 40444 libffi, committed.


I just committed the patch below to gcc head. Could someone please apply to libffi repo?


2009-06-16 Andreas Tobler <>

	PR libffi/40444
	* testsuite/lib/libffi-dg.exp (libffi_target_compile): Add
	allow_stack_execute for Darwin.

Index: testsuite/lib/libffi-dg.exp
--- testsuite/lib/libffi-dg.exp (revision 148541)
+++ testsuite/lib/libffi-dg.exp (working copy)
@@ -187,6 +187,13 @@
lappend options "additional_flags=-I${libffi_include} -I${srcdir}/../include -I${libffi_include}/.."
lappend options "additional_flags=${libffi_link_flags}"

+    # Darwin needs a stack execution allowed flag.
+    if { [istarget "*-*-darwin9*"] || [istarget "*-*-darwin1*"]
+	 || [istarget "*-*-darwin2*"] } {
+	lappend options "additional_flags=-Wl,-allow_stack_execute"
+    }
     # If you're building the compiler with --prefix set to a place
     # where it's not yet installed, then the linker won't be able to
     # find the libgcc used by libffi.dylib.  We could pass the

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