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[PATCH] make a bunch of attribute handlers globally available


A number of GCC attribute handlers today shared by the C family of languages
are needed by at least Ada and possibly others, e.g. for builtins support.

For Ada, we so far dealt with this by copy-paste operations, not exactly
proper software engineering practice.  We'd like to improve the situation, all
the more that we now have needs for the vector_size attribute as well, and
maybe others in the future.

This message/patch is a suggestion to address the issue in a simple
manner, by moving the relevant attribute handlers in a dedicated
source file common to all languages (attrib-handlers.c), together with
the definition of a "global_attribute_table" to collect them.

This will add a few functions to compilers that possibly don't need them, but
the amount of code is small, there is no other penalty, it really looks
preferrable to the copy/paste alternative, and it could well become handy at
some point anyway. It seems to me that alternate schemes to allow any
combination of choices by any combination of languages would rapidly grow too
complex for the final gain.

Moving the "nonnull" attribute processing to a common place conflicts with a
dummy entry for it in the current java front-end, introduced in revision
112574 together with other changes for PR java/26858.

The purpose of this specific piece wrt the bug behavior is unclear to
me - maybe the author (cc'ed) could enlighten.

Part of the patch suggested here removes the java specific attribute table
altogether, without effect on the testresults in my configuration
(bootstrap+check for languages=all,ada on x86_64-suse-linux). The PR dedicated
libjava test is exercised and passes.

Thanks in advance for your feedback,

With Kind Regards,


2009-06-16  Olivier Hainque  <>

	* c-common.c (handle_noreturn_attribute, handle_const_attribute,
	handle_malloc_attribute, handle_pure_attribute,
	handle_novops_attribute, handle_vector_size_attribute,
	handle_nonnull_attribute, handle_nothrow_attribute, 
	handle_sentinel_attribute, handle_type_generic_attribute,
	get_nonnull_operand): Move bodies to attrib-handlers.c.
	(c_common_attribute_table, "noreturn", "volatile", "const", "malloc",
	"pure", "no vops", "vector_size", "nonnull", "nothrow", "sentinel",
	"type generic"): Move entries to global table in ...
	* attrib-handlers.c: New file. Host global attribute handlers
	extracted from c-common.c.
	(global_attribute_table): Define.
	* tree.h (get_nonnull_operand): Declare.
	* attribs.c (global_attribute_table): Declare.
	(attribute_tables, init_attributes): Account for the global table. Use
	enum symbols instead of harcoded constants to designate the slots.
	* (C_AND_OBJC_OBJS): Add attrib-handlers.o.
	(attrib-handlers.o): List dependencies.

	* (CXX_C_OBJS): Add attrib-handlers.o.

	* (f951): Likewise.

	* (jc1): Likewise.
	* lang.c (java_attribute_table, LANG_HOOKS_ATTRIBUTE_TABLE): Remove.

	* (ADA_BACKEND): Likewise.
	* utils.c: Remove attribute handlers now available to all languages.
	Remove the corresponding gnat_internal_attribute_table entries.

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