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Re: Add Android related compilation options and multilib options

> >        * config/arm/eabi.h (ANDROID_CC1_SPEC): Add -Bdynamic in linker
> > spec. Make "-fno-exceptions -fpic -fno-short-enums -mthumb-interwork"

Using -mthumb-interwork on EABI toolchains is bogus.

> >
> > 1. Add -mandroid option to the compiler.
> >   (This part was originally written by Doug Kwan
> > for gcc-4.3.1)
> >    With this option, users can easily compile programs for android.
> >    Suppose arm-eabi-gcc is built with android sysroot. Then we can use a
> > simple command to compile a program:
> >    eg.  arm-eabi-gcc -mandroid hello.c -o hello
> Why don't you add android as a os variant and configure
> for a arm-eabi-android target instead?

I agree. I didn't like the -mandroid option to start with.  Now that it's 
needing its own multilib, I see no good reason for it. Create an actual 
android configuration and use that.

I certainly object to building a multilib for android by default. There are 
already a multitude of different options for which we don't build multilibs, 
adding random OS variants to that is just going to end in a completely 
unmanageable number of multilibs. Not to mention the fact that a normal arm-
eabi toochain will attempt to build newlib for all multilibs.


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