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Re: [Patch, Fortran] PR 36947/40039: Better error messages for dummy procedures and check for OPTIONAL

2009/6/16 Tobias Burnus <>:
> Janus Weil wrote:
>> 2009/5/25 Tobias Burnus <>:
>>>> "If the interface of the dummy argument is explicit, the
>>>> ?characteristics listed in 12.2 shall be the same for the
>>>> ?associated actual argument and the corresponding dummy argument, ..."
>>> I think passing an actual argument with an implicit interface to
>>> an explicit-interface dummy is also allowed. If the explicit
>>> argument were required, the standard had written it explicitly.
>> Attached is a new version of the patch, which retreats to the old
>> behaviour in this matter. In addition I fixed a smaller bug that
>> Tobias reported privately and added another test case. I also made
>> sure that it still passes the testsuite without failures.
>> Tobi's other comments I will take care of in a follow-up patch (pure,
>> elemental, recursive checking etc).
>> Ok for trunk?
> OK. Thanks for the patch!

Thanks. Committed as r148519.


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