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Re: VTA merge - cmdline

On Tue, Jun 9, 2009 at 12:37 AM, Alexandre Oliva<> wrote:
> Hi, Mark,
> On Jun ?7, 2009, Mark Mitchell <> wrote:
>> --param should be used for tuning parameters for the compiler, i.e.,
>> where we would otherwise be tempted to use "magic constants".
> Thanks for providing a definition of what “--param” is supposed to stand
> for. ?It was quite convincing to me, so I started changing
> -fmin-insn-uid to --param. ?When the time came to document it under
> --param, I found yet another definition, that actually matched my
> understanding of the purpose of --param.
> I wonder whether there's a misunderstanding as to the meaning of the new
> proposed flag, or whether the manual no longer reflects the expected use
> of --params.
> --param is documented under “Optimization options” as “constants to
> control the amount of optimization that is done”.
> It doesn't make sense for min-insn-uid=N to be documented as such.

Yes, this is historical artifact.  When --param was originally
introduced, it was
back then when we were discussion 'magic numbers' related to the compiler's
internal stuff.  I believe it makes sense now to move it out there so that
the documentation structure does not iintroduce more confusion.

-- Gaby

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