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Re: [Patch,wwwdocs] 4.5 changes: MPC and Fortran

On Mon, Jun 08, 2009 at 11:28:34PM +0200, Tobias Burnus wrote:
>(updated patch attached)

>Index: changes.html
>RCS file: /cvs/gcc/wwwdocs/htdocs/gcc-4.5/changes.html,v
>retrieving revision 1.15
>diff -u -r1.15 changes.html
>--- changes.html	3 Jun 2009 09:31:29 -0000	1.15
>+++ changes.html	8 Jun 2009 21:13:47 -0000
>@@ -40,6 +40,13 @@
>     allows the user to get debugging dumps when doing parallel builds
>     without two builds of the same filename interfering with each other.</li>
>+    <li>The <a href="";>Multiple Precision
>+    Complex Library</a> (MPC) is now used if found at configure time.
>+    This allows GCC to evaluate and replace at compile-time calls to

s/ at//

>+    complex built-in math functions having constant arguments with their
>+    mathematically equivalent results. Some complex functions were
>+    supported before; those are used as fall back if MPC is not used.</li>
>   </ul>
> <h2>New Languages and Language specific improvements</h2>
>@@ -88,6 +95,81 @@
>   <h4>Runtime Library (libstdc++)</h4>
> <h3>Fortran</h3>
>+  <ul>
>+    <li>The <code>COMMON</code> default padding has been changed &ndash;
>+    instead of adding the padding before a variable it is now added
>+    afterwards, which increases the compatibility with other vendors

perhaps "to increase compatibility" and "to help obtain"

>+    and helps to obtain the correct output in some cases. Cf. also the
>+    <code>-falign-commons</code> flag (<a href="../gcc-4.4/changes.html">added
>+    in 4.4</a>).</li>
>+    <li>The <code>-finit-real=</code> flag now also supports the value
>+    <code>snan</code> for signalling not-a-number; to be effective,
>+    one additionally needs to enable trapping (e.g. via
>+    <code>-ffpe-trap=</code>). Note: Compile-time optimizations can
>+    turn a signalling NaN into a quiet one.</li>
>+    <li>The new flag <code>-fcheck=</code> had been added with the options

"has been added"

>+    <code>bounds</code> and <code>array-temps</code>, which are equivalent
>+    to <code>-fbounds-check</code> and
>+    <code>-fcheck-array-temporaries</code>, and the new tests
>+    <code>do</code> for finding invalid modification of loop iteration
>+    variables and <code>recursive</code> for finding recursive calls to
>+    subroutines/functions which are not marked as recursive. Using
>+    <code>-fcheck=all</code> enables all these run-time checks.</li>
remove whitespace above

>+    <li>The run-time checking <code>-fcheck=bounds</code> now warns
>+    about invalid string lengths of character dummy arguments. Additionally,
>+    more compile-time checks have been added.</li>
>+    <li>GNU Fortran no longer links against <code>libgfortranbegin</code>.
>+    As before, <code>MAIN__</code> (assembler symbol name) is the actual
>+    Fortran main program, which is invoked by the <code>main</code> function.
>+    However, <code>main</code> is now generated and in the same object

and put into the same?

>+    file as <code>MAIN__</code>. For the time being,
>+    <code>libgfortranbegin</code> still exists for backward
>+    compatibility. For details see the new <a
>+    href="";>Mixed-Language
>+    Programming</a> chapter in the manual.</li>
>+    <li>The I/O library was restructured for performance and cleaner
>+    code.</li>
>+    <li>Array assignments and <code>WHERE</code> are now run in parallel when
>+    OpenMP's <code>WORKSHARE</code> is used.</li>
>+    <li>The experimental flag <code>-fwhole-file</code> was added. The flag
>+    allows whole-file checking of procedure arguments and allows better

allows for better optimization?

>+    optimizations. It can also be used with <code>-fwhole-program</code>,
>+    which is now also supported in gfortran.</li>
>+    <li>More Fortran 2003 and Fortran 2008 mathematical functions can
>+    now be used initialization expressions.</li>

be used as

>+    <li>Fortran 2003 support has been extended:
>+      <ul>
>+       <li>Procedure-pointer function results and procedure-pointer
>+       components with the NOPASS attribute,</li> 

trailing whitespace above

>+       <li><code>DEFERRED</code> type-bound procedures, and</li>
>+       <li>the ERRMSG= argument of the ALLOCATE and DEALLOCATE statements
>+       have been implemented.</li>
>+       <li>The <code>INT_FAST{8,16,32,64,128}_T</code> kind type parameters
>+       of the intrinsic module <code>ISO_C_BINDING</code> are now supported.
>+      </ul>
>+    </li>
>+    <li>Fortran 2008 support has been extended:
>+      <ul>
>+        <li>The <code>OPEN</code> statement now supports the
>+        <code>NEWUNIT=</code> option, which returns a unique file unit,
>+        thus preventing inadvertent use of the same unit in different parts
>+	of the program.</li>
>+        <li>The <code>INT{8,16,32}</code> and <code>REAL{32,64,128}</code>
>+        kind type parameters of the <code>ISO_FORTRAN_ENV</code> module are
>+        now supported.</li>
>+      </ul>
>+    </li>
>+  </ul>
> <h3>Java (GCJ)</h3>

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