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Re: [Patch,wwwdocs] 4.5 changes: MPC and Fortran

On Mon, 8 Jun 2009, Tobias Burnus wrote:
> I updated gcc-4.5/changes.html with the items from the
> news section of the gfortran wiki for MPC and Fortran.
> I think the list should be reasonably complete, but
> I am sure the wording can be improved.
> Suggestions for the wording? OK for check in?

I have minor comments in addition to Ralf's, the changes look fine
in general.  Thanks for taking the time!

"if found at during configure": here you may want to omit "at" (or
"during", or actually, how about "at configure time").

"now supports also" -> "now also supports", I think?

"to make them really signalling": who is them?

"all those" -> "all these"

"string-lengths": I believe omitting the dash is more common.

", which is invoked by <code>main</code> function": here I would omit
the comma and say "by the <code...".

"Extended the support fo..." doesn't look like a full sentence?

"has been implemented" -> "have been implemented"

"preventing inadvertently uses the same unit at different parts of the 
program" -> "of the same" and "in different parts".

Sorry for being picky today; I really appreciate this update.  And it
seems you guys have been doing a great amount of nice work.  Thanks for


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