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VTA merge - introduction

I'm going to post the 11 patches that will bring VTA support into the
trunk in reply to this e-mail, adjusting the subject to the patch name
listed below, along with the descriptions, copied from the e-mail I just
posted to gcc@.

cmdline (7K) - new command line flags to turn VTA on or off, as well as
a few debugging options that helped me debug it

ssa (55K) - introduce debug bind stmts in the tree and tuples level

ssa-to-rtl (24K) - convert debug bind stmts to debug insns

rtl (48K) - introduce debug insns in the RTL level

tracking (176K) - turn debug insns into var_location notes

ssa-compare-debug (22K) - fix -fcompare-debug errors that showed up in
the presence of debug bind stmts

rtl-compare-debug (53K) - fix -fcompare-debug errors that showed up in the
presence of debug insns

sched (63K) - fix schedulers (except for sel-sched, that's only partially
fixed, which means VTA is not ready for -O3 on IA64) to deal properly
with debug insns

ports (9K) - minor adjustments to ports, mostly to schedulers, to
avoid -fcompare-debug regressions

testsuite-guality (16K) - (still small) debug info quality testsuite

buildopts (4K) - new BUILD_CONFIG options that can test VTA more thoroughly

Alexandre Oliva, freedom fighter
You must be the change you wish to see in the world. -- Gandhi
Be Free! --   FSF Latin America board member
Free Software Evangelist      Red Hat Brazil Compiler Engineer

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